Thomas and Jenelle Pullin, Kennel Assistants

Clients often ask us "Who takes care our our furry friends while your office is closed?". The answer is Tommy and Jenelle, our outstanding kennel staff. Thomas and Jenelle Pullin have been animal lovers forever. Tom is a master watch maker, who restores antique watches and collects books on horology. He enjoys their garden, and has owned dogs, donkeys, a stud horse and Patagonian Conure parrots in the past. Jenelle also loves Florida gardening, has a BS in Agriculture from Ohio State University, and was raised on a farm with chickens, pigs, sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle and quarter horses as well as dogs and cats. The Pullins' currently have a pond of goldfish and are servants to 2 cats and 1 Jack Russell Terriers, who demand daily trips to the Woodmere Dog Park. They enjoy meeting and caring for the dogs and cats who stay in our kennels.