Visits Tailored Especially for our Feline Friends


Does your cat hate going to the vet? Trying to get your cat into a carrier and walking into a waiting room full of barking dogs can be a cat owners worst nightmare. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable and stress free during their visits to our office. This is why we started Feline Fridays. On Fridays, we have designated blocks of scheduling time just for our feline patients. This way, when you come in for your appointment, you will not have dogs waiting in the lobby. You will be escorted to our feline friendly exam room and enjoy check out services at a separate window away from incoming patients. This is just a few of the ways we show how much we fancy your felines.

House Calls


Does your fur baby get really stressed in the car? Do you have a hard time getting your cat into the vets office? Consider a house call. We offer this service to clients to help make your pets exam as stress free as possible. Have Dr. Reinhart come out to your home to administer your pets annual physical and vaccinations. If your pet becomes ill and has to be taken into the office we also offer a pet pick up service. If you do not have transportation or simply need some help we can come to your home pick up your cat and bring them to our office for treatment then return your fur baby back home when they are done.